Prominent Republican activist Ana Navarro criticized Donald Trump's campaign rhetoric as providing evidence that he's "unfit to be human," let alone president.

Navarro, who supported former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush during the GOP primaries and worked for him when he served as governor of Florida, raised the controversy that Trump stirred on Twitter about the killing of Nykea Aldridge. An African-American mother who was the cousin of NBA star Dwyane Wade, Aldridge was shot and killed in Chicago. Trump tweeted that the news shows why African-Americans will support him.

"Forget being unfit to be president. He's unfit to be human," Navarro said about Trump on ABC. "Was he raised by wolves? Who has that as a first reaction upon somebody's death?"

Navarro said she did not think Trump's new tone on immigration would help him court Hispanic voters, suggesting his other rhetoric throughout the campaign would undermine the new stance.

"You can change the words a person says, you can change the words a person reads off a teleprompter, you can't change a person's heart," Navarro said. "Hispanics are not going to forget Judge Curiel. African-Americans are not going to forget that he started the birther movement. I don't think Jewish folks forget the anti-Semitic ad against Hillary Clinton."

She continued, "The problem that Donald Trump has is that most humans have a memory. And we're not going to forget it within one week."