Former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer regarded Donald Trump's plan to build and finance a wall along the southern border with Mexico is a "solution," even though she has not read the plan herself.

When asked Tuesday on CNN whether Trump's plan to have Mexico pay for the wall is "realistic," Brewer, a Trump supporter admitted, "Well I haven't read the plan, I just heard it on the news today."

But Brewer defended Trump, saying that "at least he's putting ideas out there, and certainly we know that an enormous amount of money goes across our border."

"Bottom line: It's a solution," Brewer said. "And if it works, good for us."

In another interview Tuesday on Fox News with Neil Cavuto, Brewer again admitted she had not read Trump's remittances plan, but slammed President Obama for suggesting that tracking down every illegal immigrant sending money across the border would be virtually impossible.

"Donald Trump is offering up solutions to something that the president has had the opportunity for seven and a half years to address," Brewer said. "I believe that the Americans that are here realizing that those millions [and] billions of dollars that are going south of the border to boost up their economy, are American dollars that could be left in the United States to boost our economy."

Trump is not the only candidate to float the idea of building a wall along the southern border. His closest Republican rival, Ted Cruz, has also suggested the idea.

Earlier Tuesday, the Trump campaign released a memo providing insight into how the billionaire businessman plans to coax Mexico into paying for the wall, which has become a rallying cry for his campaign. The memo states that if Mexico refuses to pay the bills, the U.S. will threaten to block money transfers from Mexican immigrants back to their families.

Brewer, who served as governor of the Grand Canyon State from 2009 to 2015, endorsed Trump in February, praising his tough stance on illegal immigration.