It's rare to see the Jackson family in the District, but Jermaine and Randy Jackson were in Washington this week for a cause that was near and dear to their late brother Michael: children.

(Insert inappropriate joke here.)

"My brother Michael, he lived to help children, that was what he was all about and we want to continue that," Randy Jackson told those attending a private dinner Tuesday night at Neyla in Georgetown.

The brothers are attending the Children Uniting Nations' annual conference alongside Quinton Aaron, who played Michael Oher in "The Blind Side," and musician Abraham McDonald, who was discovered by Oprah and has since appeared on her show a handful of times.

The Jacksons said if they do a world tour they would donate some of the proceeds to the organization, which places mentors with foster kids and at-risk youth.

As for being in Washington, Jermaine Jackson did not want to talk about the city or its politicians, getting a little testy when Yeas & Nays asked whom he might meet while he is here.

"There are powerful people, they can help, [though] it's going to be looked at as a political gesture instead of caring from the heart," he said. "It shouldn't be political, it should be from the heart."

With that nonsense answer, couldn't he have just told us to beat it?