Jack Abramoff, notorious Capitol Hill lobbyist turned self-styled government reformer, sat in on the Kojo Nnamdi Show on WAMU Wednesday to discuss, among other things, food.

Abramoff, who owned restaurants in D.C. to help him build and manage his influence during his heyday, took questions from callers on why Washington can't get a good kosher deli and told stories from his days running Signatures, a high-end Penn Quarter eatery.

"We had very specific instructions for the waiters," Abramoff said. "The staff was forbidden from interrupting discussion." The former lobbyist also said he wasn't thrilled when FBI director Robert Mueller would come in for a meal -- and not because Abramoff was nervous about the crimes he committed, which eventually landed him in jail for four years.

"He was a very nice man, but they seemed to think they could clear out the entire section he wanted to sit in," Abramoff complained. "I guess they didn't understand we were at least trying to pretend to be a business."