Donald Trump's daughter, Ivanka, said Monday her father's genuine concern for America makes up for occasionally retweeting an inappropriate message on social media.

"I think the authenticity of that balances out the times that, you know, occasionally it goes awry. You know, in a lot of politicians' campaigns, they don't write their tweets, they're, you know, managed by a team of 50 people who are testing and polling every word," Trump told Fox News host Greta Van Susteren. "That's not him. That's not the leader he wants to be."

The eldest Trump daughter defended her father's regular use of social media, explaining he relies on Twitter and Facebook to share his message because the media misconstrues his intentions.

"He's correctly portrayed in the sense that people know he is very authentic. My father says what he means and he means what he says and that's very rare in politics," Trump said. "But he's incorrectly portrayed, often, by the media. My father is incredibly warm and compassionate and loyal and funny. And anyone who knows him knows that to be true."

She said where previous politicians have been beholden to the media to share their ideas, her father has been able to bypass the press' narrative of the billionaire businessman and communicate directly with his supporters and others.

Trump added that his strategy has been "enormously effective" and people can expect him to continue using online social media platforms to connect with them.