We'll skip wagering on which flavor of Gatorade will be used for the long-ago clichéd bath for the winning coach. Actually, we don't bet so that's not all that tough to do.

But if we did, we'd be intrigued by these other Super Bowl prop bets. Really, looking through the list of these bets sometimes is more fun than actually putting money on them. For us at least. We don't live dangerously, if you haven't noticed.

Anyway, the bets:

Length of national anthem » The over/under is 1 minute, 52 seconds, according to Bodog.com. Just know that Christina Aguilera sang the anthem twice in last year's NBA Finals, needing 1:52 and 1:55, respectively. Will singing outdoors make her go quicker?

Antwaan Randle El's receiving yards » Just for you, Redskins fans. The over/under is 15 1/2 yards (no, that's not his combined yardage total for six punt returns). Just know that Randle El caught only 22 passes for 253 yards this season.

Number of Jerry Jones live shots » The over/under is 2 1/2, but this is a man who knows how to find his way on camera. At Jack Kent Cooke's funeral years ago, Jones parked farther away than necessary. Coincidentally it allowed him to walk past every cameraman. Just sayin'.

Which QB's significant other will be shown first » Jessica Szohr (Aaron Rodgers' girlfriend) or Ashley Harlan (Ben Roethlisberger's fiancée)? No jokes necessary about Roethlisberger.

What will be higher this day (there are several like this) » Green Bay tight end Andrew Quarless' receiving yards or Jared Sullinger's points for Ohio State at Minnesota. Quarless only has 41 receiving yards this postseason; Sullinger averages 18 ppg.