Convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard will be released Nov. 21 after serving more than 28 years of a life sentence, his lawyer has told news outlets.

Pollard, 60, is eligible for early release in November. A three-person federal parole commission unanimously granted it to him on Tuesday.

When rumors of his imminent release spread on Friday, the White House denied there was any link to nuclear agreement with Iran being mulled by Congress and that Israel strongly opposes, and said only the parole commission would decide the matter.

"Mr. Pollard's status will be determined by the United States Parole Commission according to standard procedures," said Alistair Baskey, a spokesman for the National Security Council. "There is absolutely zero linkage between Mr. Pollard's status and foreign policy considerations."

The Israelis made Pollard a citizen in 1995 and have made his release a priority. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has pressed President Obama on the matter before.

He was convicted to life in prison in March 1987, after being found guilty of selling government secrets to Israel while working as a civilian intelligence analyst for the Navy.