Britain's prime minister is being warned that two out of every 100 refugees coming from Syria could be fanatics trained by the Islamic State.

The warning came from Elias Bousaab, Lebanon's education minister, during a meeting with Prime Minister David Cameron in the U.K. on Sunday, the Daily Mail reported.

The terror army is sending jihadists "under cover" to attack other nations, Bousaab said. Since Britain has promised to accept 20,000 refugees by 2020, Bousaab's estimate would mean 400 of them are radicalized, the paper reported.

"It's a very dangerous situation and the world should wake up and do something about that," he was quoted as saying. "ISIS will not stop at the border with Lebanon, before you know it ISIS will be in Europe."

On Monday, U.S. presidential candidate Ben Carson made a similar warning during an interview with CNN's John Berman.

"If I was ISIS, if I were the global jihadists and I knew the United States was about to take in 10,000 or 65,000 or 100,000 people from my region, I would infiltrate them with my people," Carson told Berman.

Carson, who sits fourth in the Washington Examiner's presidential power rankings, said European and other nearby nations should continue to take in refugees, but it's not feasible for the U.S. to do so. He also said the U.S. must overhaul its screening process for those entering the country.