Two months after Daily Caller reporter Neil Munro caused a stir by interrupting President Obama during a speech in the Rose Garden, the correspondent sat down with C-SPAN to discuss the incident and describe what a pain it is to cover the White House.

Munro maintains that he thought the president was done speaking when he shouted out a question about foreign workers being given priority over American workers. "It was not an interruption," he said. "It was a mistimed question."

Munro did not relish watching a replay of the incident. "It's uncomfortable to watch," he admitted. "But the thing that amuses me still -- that was June 15. Has the man ever taken a question since on immigration?"

"It's hard to fight against the White House," he said. "If you put up a fight and a stink and push, the White House can simply turn to somebody else and give them a scoop." He added, "The White House is a terrible, terrible, awful beat."