LIBERTY, Ind. (AP) — A restaurant's 28-foot-tall rooster sign has ruffled a few feathers in a small eastern Indiana town.

The colorful wood-and-metal sign went up this spring outside the Liberty Bell to help draw attention to the business during a street construction project. Liberty Bell owner Andy Pitcher said the rooster has become an attraction with customers often posing for photos under the sign in the 2,000-person town near the Indiana-Ohio state line.

"We wanted to put something out here so when customers say to us, 'How do we get to your place?' we tell them to look for the big chicken," Pitcher told the Palladium-Item of Richmond.

But Jeff Mathews, the county planning director, said he has received about a dozen complaints about the rooster. He said the 16-foot-wide sign is closer to the street than allowed under the zoning rules even though it doesn't obstruct the view of drivers.

"This is one of those things where the rules are kind of in the way," Matthews told the Connersville News-Examiner. "I don't run around the county looking for huge chickens. It's an unfortunate thing."

Mathews wouldn't say who complained about the rooster, but some customers of the restaurant known for its fried chicken said they believed it should be allowed to stay.

"Some people think it's an eyesore," customer George Himes said. "I think it's kind of neat."

The Union County Board of Zoning Appeals is scheduled on Monday to consider a request from Pitcher to keep the sign in place.

Mathews said he believed the zoning board would let the rooster remain, although Pitcher wasn't as sure.

"We didn't put the chicken up to irritate anybody," Pitcher said. "We just did it as an advertisement."