The video above captures one small corner of the rowdiness and frustration that briefly disrupted the fully scripted Republican National Committee today.

You’ll see Maine’s national committeewoman, Ron Paul backer Ashley Ryan, arguing with a Romney-backing delegate. Ryan had just tried to voice her objection to the adoption of the rules. Specifically, she objected to Rule 12, which gives the RNC the power to change party rules between conventions, thus stripping delegates of power. She and a group of dissidents had submitted a “Minority Report,” with sufficient signatures to be considered on the floor, but Speaker Boehner, acting as chairman of the session, didn’t entertain the calls from the floor for the report’s consideration.

Alongside her, you’ll see Brent Tweed. Tweed is a Ron Paul supporter who was elected a delegate from Maine in May. But the Committee on credentials denied credentials to half the Paul delegates from Maine, contending that the Paulista’s takeover of the state’s convention violated rules.

Again, Paul-backers tried to object to the credential committee’s recommendation, but the chair ignored dozens of shouts of “Point of Order,” “Division” (an efficient method of taking a roll-call vote that was once routinely used in the House of Representatives) and “Objection,” which under the rules should have been honored. Soon, Paul backers began chanting “Point of Order,” and the chair gaveled them down.

Tweed in the video is reading “into the record” a statement of dissent.