Half the insurers selling plans in Illinois' Obamacare marketplaces are hiking prices by 50 percent on average, according to final rates the state published Wednesday.

Insurers didn't appear to back away from steep rate hikes they proposed earlier this month, raising questions about how that increase will affect shoppers trying to find affordable coverage through Get Covered Illinois, the state's marketplace set up under President Obama's healthcare law.

Harken Health Insurance Company, Celtic Insurance Company and Health Care Service Corporation, the state's Blue Cross Blue Shield plan, are raising prices by about 50 percent. At least one Blue Cross plan is getting marked up 77 percent.

Humana is right behind, increasing its prices by 46 percent on average. Another insurer, Health Alliance Medical Plans Inc. is raising rates an average of 37 percent. Rates for Cigna plans aren't yet available, as that insurer just announced last month it would sell plans in the Chicago area.

Insurers are proposing big rate hikes in many states, but Illinois is seeing some of the largest price increases.

"It's very unfortunate that the major structural flaws in the Affordable Care Act are forcing higher rates and harming the Illinois families who need coverage the most," Gov. Bruce Rauner said in a statement. "It is clear that Congress must enact smarter policies that truly provide better choices for Illinois residents."

An Oliver Wyman analysis obtained by the Washington Examiner shows that the lowest-cost "silver" plan — the level of plan most popular in most of the Obamacare exchanges — will increase in price by 30 percent on average in all the state's insurance rating areas.