Its not just the Oscar nominations that are creating a buzz online today. There is a new video out that is setting tongues wagging with amazement and wonder. This is despite first impressions is not a trailer for the remake of the alien invasion epic Independence Day .

It is in fact a slick trailer for a potential candidate for the Republican nomination in 2012. Tim Pawlenty has been launched as an action man. Curiously there are very shots of the man himself and he seems to be going on about how “hard” everything is in the US. There is nothing about the future only the past.

 If you have haven’t seen it yet, you might want to view it yourself. Ostensibly it's a “book trailer” to plug his latest book entitled “Courage to Stand.”

<p> The book has made quite an impact even getting <a href="">a comment</a> in the UK Spectator.</p> <p> “This is quite extraordinary. And in its way, rather fine. The contrast between this trailer and the reality of Tim Pawlenty's brand of blandish midwestern competence is itself entertaining. This suggests he'll run a campaign blending Top Gun with Independence Day plus the soundtrack of Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech. Which, of course, he won't.”</p> <p>Gawker, on the other hand, is <a href="">typically mawkish</a> in its write-up.</p> <p>“Ex-Minnesota Gov. <a href="">Tim Pawlenty</a> will be running for president soon, so <a href="">this exciting new clip</a> must be his "hype video." It's shot in ultra-widescreen and feels like one of those summer blockbusters where movie stars fight aliens. It's hilarious.”</p> <p> No one denies the quality of the production values involved in this video. Some, however, wonder if its appropriate for such a man. That said, if this is the standard for 2012 videos, we will all have quite an enjoyable time watching them. </p>