Things got tense on CNN Monday afternoon after a contributor suggested during a discussion on the 2016 presidential race that fellow contributor and GOP strategist Ana Navarro, who is Hispanic, is not really a Latina.

The moment occurred as Navarro, who opposes the candidacy of reality TV star Donald Trump, battled the American Spectator's Jeffery Lord, who is pro-Trump. Lord at one point accused Navarro of hedging on various immigration-related issues, particularly "sanctuary cities."

"Which part am I hedging on? Go ahead and do your entire Trump thing, but leave me the heck out of it. Do me that favor, will you?" she asked.

Lord accused the so-called establishment wing of the Republican Party of insulting the Hispanic immigrants "who came here legally."

"Thank you for telling me what should be insulting," Navarro said sarcastically. "But see, I'm one of those Latinos that came here with a visa on a plane, that went through a process. And no, I don't think the Republican Party is being paternalistic. I don't find Marco Rubio, I don't find Jeb Bush paternalistic. So thank you for lecturing me on what I should be feeling about the Republican Party as a Latino."

"I don't think you're a Latino," Lord said. "I think you're an American just like me."

"Oh really, what am I? What do you think I am?" she shot back, before telling Lord what she believes herself to be. "I am an American and America is my home," she said.

"I am an American who was born in Nicaragua and was naturalized under Ronald Reagan's amnesty. So now that you've lectured me on how I should feel as a Republican, now that you've lectured me on what I'm hedging about, and now that you've lectured me about what I am, do you have an actual point?" she asked.

The two continued their back-and-forth for quite a bit, with no interruptions from CNN hosts John Berman and Kate Bolduan.

The heated debate eventually came to a close when Lord informed Navarro that there are no Latinos in the United States.

"There are no Latinos in this country, there are no African-Americans. We are all Americans," he said.

(h/t Mediaite)