Chinese President Hu Jintao arrives in a few hours at Andrews Air Force Base, where he'll be greeted by Vice President Joe Biden, among others. First up is dinner at the White House, in the old Family Dining Room -- a special honor for a visitor. Tomorrow  is meetings, a joint press conference and the big state dinner.

Ahead of Hu's visit, hundreds of protestors are gathered in Lafayette Square across from the White House, protesting the Chinese leader, his regime's treatment of Tibet and China's record on human rights.

Followers of these things may recall during Hu's last visit in 2006, the South Lawn arrival ceremony was interrupted by a Falun Gong protestor tucked in with the press corps. Then-President George W. Bush later apologized to Hu for the ruckus (which created its own, sub-ruckus over free speech and freedom of religion)

The demonstrators outside are shouting Hu's name and calling for justice, saying he's a corrupt dictator. To greet the visiting leader, paired U.S. and Chinese flags are lining Pennsylvania Avenue.