House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer said Tuesday he has some advice for House Speaker Paul Ryan: Don't let Republicans talk you into running for president.

Hoyer, D-Md., was asked about the possibility of the GOP recruiting Ryan to run for president in the event of a contested Republican convention this summer.

"If I were advising Paul Ryan," Hoyer said, "I'd say, look, Paul. You're 46 years old. You don't want to get in what's happening on the national scene."

Ryan, R-Wis., appears to be staying clear of national politics for now. His aides say he'll announce Tuesday afternoon that he will not be a candidate for president, no matter what happens at the convention.

"He's young," Hoyer said. "There's a lot of time for Paul Ryan to get into what he wants to do."

Republican pundits and some lawmakers have suggested in recent weeks that Ryan might be the choice of Republican delegates at the July convention.

A convention fight is expected if neither front-runner Donald Trump or second-place Sen. Ted Cruz , R-Texas, win 1,237 delegates in the primaries and caucuses.

Neither Trump nor Cruz is popular with the GOP establishment. But some have predicted fighting and chaos at the convention if delegates select a candidate other than Trump or Cruz.