House Republican leader John Boehner introduced a proposal that would require a 72 hour period before a bill could be voted on so members of Congress have time to read the bill — a reform he says he will institute should he become the majority leader following the elections in November.

In response,  House Majority leader Steny Hoyer not only rejected the proposal, he mocked Boehner for proposing it:

“His hypothetical is so unreasonable … that it doesn’t bear commenting on,” Hoyer said, mocking Republicans’ chances of taking back the House in this fall’s elections, a development which would make Boehner speaker. “This is beating a drum that’s not relevant,” the second-ranking House Democrat said. “The reality of which he speaks is not likely,” Hoyer added, again dismissing Republicans’ chances of winning back the House. “Given the endless string of broken promises and backroom deals that comprise House Democrats’ job-killing record, I can see why the Majority Leader would find letting the American people – and Members of Congress – read a bill before it passes, ‘unreasonable,’” Boehner spokesman Michael Steel shot back. “But this is not the Democrats’ House, it is the people’s House, and the people have a right to know what we’re voting on.”