P90X creator Tony Horton has become somewhat of a fitness hero on Capitol Hill. He's gotten dozens of members of Congress, including Reps. Heath Shuler, Paul Ryan, Aaron Schock and Jesse Jackson Jr., to "bring it" with his fast-paced, mixed-motion workouts. Now before the 112th Congress gets sworn in, Horton has advised Yeas & Nays what new members can do to avoid gaining a congressional freshman 15. "Apparently nothing changes, even from the college days. You start a new life, and you have a tendency to overeat and not take care of yourself," Horton explained. "I certainly have the tools to prevent that from happening."

Off the bat, Horton explained the importance of both exercise and diet.

"You have to bring the two together. It's a combination of fitness, and it's a combination of a proper diet. Exercise is fitness, and food is health," he said.

And despite members' busy schedules, Horton also recommends working out practically every day, even if it's just for 10 minutes.

"If you're only working out two and three days a week, you're going to suffer from something called exercise bipolar disorder," he said, explaining that people feel energized on days they exercise and sluggish on days they don't.

Horton also talked up his new book, called, not surprisingly, "Bring It."

"It's different because it's an addendum to P90X," he said. "The unique thing about the book is that there's a whole new batch of recipes, the vast majority of which are vegan. What's neat about that is it's showing people you can eat really healthy, super healthy food and it can still taste really good."

Fans can see Horton locally Jan. 15. He's signing copies of "Bring It" and leading a workout at the Sheraton National Hotel in Arlington. Reservations can be made online.