Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton has traded in her "Scooby Doo van" for a $10 million Learjet.

A campaign tracker for America Rising, the super PAC that is critical of Clinton, caught her and her entourage hopping on the Learjet 60 after a campaign appearance in Ottumwa, Iowa Tuesday. The camera does not catch her face, only the legs of her blue pantsuit worn during "micro" campaign appearance in a nearby home.

Clinton and her team have drawn attention to their campaign lifestyle by suggesting the goal is to go cheap.

Clinton holding a bottle of garlic pills during her Iowa campaign stop. AP Photo

Clinton on her recent book tour said she and former President Bill Clinton left the White House "dead broke." That comment was followed up with a well documented van ride from New York to Iowa to demonstrate her frugalness. A Washington Post story also followed top aide John Podesta traveling by bus between Washington and New York. The headline of that story: "How cheap is Hillary Clinton's campaign? This cheap."

The jet, however, is a different class of travel altogether. The jet, tail number N719JB, is leased from a New York firm. It has its own Facebook page, that shows the plush leather interior. One glamor photo shows a magazine opened to a page headlined, "Life at the Top."

In 1997, the jets sold for about $10 million and have increased to over $13 million. Clinton's ride was a 2005 version and costs about $4,000 an hour to operate.

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