If there's one person Hillary Clinton and her team appear most comfortable with at Fox News, it's "On the Record" anchor Greta Van Susteren.

In newly released emails from Clinton's tenure as secretary of state, Van Susteren's name comes up at least two separate times, and both times, Clinton and her team believe they have an edge with Van Susteren.

One email, noted by the left-leaning Mother Jones, is from longtime Clinton aide Philippe Reines. In 2009, he wrote to Clinton on media coverage of a foreign policy decision about Cuba. Reines told Clinton that any controversies fueled by the coverage could be rectified tomorrow in your two interviews — "especially Greta who is malleable."

U.S. foreign policy on Cuba did come up the following day in an interview with Clinton conducted by Van Susteren. The Fox anchor asked if the U.S. had been "snubbed" in negotiations to admit Cuba into the Organization of Americas, which serves to represent peace and solidarity among South, Central and North America.

"Oh, not at all," Clinton replied. "In fact, this was a very good example of the kind of diplomatic engagement that we want to be involved with."

"Malleable" could be interpreted as "impressionable," but Van Susteren told the Washington Examiner media desk that's not her interpretation.

"I assume that is his word for 'fair,'" she said. "If you look at all my interviews for the last 22 plus years — Democrats and Republicans — I ask for information. It is not about me. I am not gunning for anyone, Democrat or Republican, and I let the chips fall as they may."

Van Susteren came up in another email from Clinton to her then-chief of staff Cheryl Mills in 2012. In the email, Clinton referred to a recent moment on Fox News wherein Van Susteren told Republican Sen. John McCain, "I believe [Clinton] has a concussion."

Clinton was reportedly hospitalized in 2012 for a head injury. The timing of the injury was viewed as suspect among some Republicans who questioned whether it was an excuse for Clinton to get out of testifying before Congress on the Benghazi attack.

"[S]omeone should call Greta VS to thank her for 'knowing the truth,'" Clinton said in the email.

Van Susteren has admitted personal ties to Clinton in the past. In an open letter to Clinton in April that floated the possibility of an interview, Van Susteren wrote, "While you already know my husband [John Coale] — he has been friends with your family for years — it is also true that he is friends and a supporter of [Democratic presidential candidate] Governor O'Malley. But of course, that is my husband and I have interviewed you many, many times and I think you have always thought my interviews of you fair."

Van Susteren is also a former member of the Clinton Global Initiative, the nonprofit run by Clinton and former president Bill Clinton.

Elsewhere in Clinton's past emails, she says of Fox News, "Those shows need at least one sane realistic voice."

Maybe she found it in Van Susteren.