Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has been the most Googled candidate over the past six months, according to new data from Google News Lab.

The former secretary of state even beat out former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush in his home state, though Bush was the second most Googled candidate over the past half-year.

Los Angeles, Las Vegas and parts of Texas and Florida ran heavy searches on real estate mogul and businessman Donald Trump, while Republican hopeful Scott Walker was only the most Googled candidate in his home state of Wisconsin.

Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders was mostly Googled by Vermont residents, specifically around the Burlington area. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal saw similar results, most often being Googled in the capital region of Baton Rouge.

Republican hopeful and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio did not show up on the Google trends map.

Though it is only midway through 2015, it is clear that so far, Clinton and Bush are on the minds of Americans nationwide.

(h/t CNN)