Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will meet privately with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., early Tuesday morning.

Clinton is making the rounds in Congress. After meeting with Pelosi, she'll go behind closed doors with the House Democratic Caucus and also plans meetings with other factions of Democrats, including the Hispanic, Asian and Black caucuses. Clinton will then meet with Senate Democrats.

Pelosi hasn't directly endorsed Clinton but has signaled her support in speeches and interviews.

But Clinton is not nearly as liberal as her main Democratic opponent, Sen. Bernie Sanders, of Vermont, who was a longtime House lawmaker.

"I believe that she will win and she will be one of the best prepared people to enter the White House in a long time in terms of her experience and her knowledge," Pelosi told NBC in January. But she also added at the time, "That doesn't mean that the party is devoid of other voices."

In 2008, Pelosi, who was speaker at the time, did not endorse either President Obama or Clinton but was more politically aligned with Obama and signaled her preference for his candidacy.