Conde Nast Traveler editor Kevin Doyle tagged along with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on a nine-day trip as she zipped through China, Bangladesh and India. Among the nuggets Doyle gleaned from the trip: Clinton is tight with the empress of Japan; she can do spot-on impressions; she keeps her plane stocked with tandoori chicken and cheeseburgers; and her Secret Service agents taught her how to pinch and poke herself during important meetings abroad to stave off jet lag.

Oh, and according to Doyle, she doesn't sweat. "She does not even glow," he writes.

Clinton, who will appear on the cover of the September issue, had a few words for her countrymen traveling overseas. "I remember growing up in the time of the 'ugly American,' and I think we've outgrown that," she said. "It's terrible to generalize, but people do, so if you're an American traveling and you are rude or ridiculously demanding or abusive, it's not just you -- person. It's you -- American." So please behave.