The Hill, July 20:

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign has turned to DVDs to help retire its debt from the 2008 presidential race. Her campaign circulated a fundraising e-mail on Tuesday saying that donors who contribute $35 or more to retire the “last bit” of the debt will receive a DVD of the former first lady’s “historic” speech at the 2008 Democratic National Convention. “If you missed the first opportunity to buy a DVD of her speech, you are in luck. We have a few of our special edition 2008 National Democratic Convention DVDs left, and we wanted to share them with you,” the letter says.

The New York Daily News, July 27:

Chelsea Clinton is set to marry her investment-banker boyfriend Marc Mezvinsky at a posh private estate 90 miles north of Manhattan. The hotly anticipated, highly secretive affair has been called the Wedding of the Decade and of the Century. Extravagant and notable events like that don’t come cheap. Experts in all things nuptial ballpark the cost of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s little girl’s big day at anywhere from $3 million to $5 million.

Of course, the Clintons made everyone who came near the wedding sign a confidentiality agreement and the Clintons stayed at the home of George Soros’ daughter for the event — so who knows who really paid for the wedding?