Hillary Clinton on Tuesday responded to her critics who say she's not open enough with the press by essentially giving a big shrug.

"I'm not running my campaign for for the press," Clinton said on CNN, her first national interview since declaring her second campaign for the White House. "I'm running it for voters."

Clinton has fallen under scrutiny for a series of scandals involving her family's nonprofit Clinton Foundation as well as her use of a personal email server while secretary of state. Reporters and commentators covering her campaign have accused her of stonewalling.

While campaigning in early primary states, Clinton has mostly declined to take questions from the national news media, instead hosting smaller town-hall gatherings with Democratic voters.

"I totally respect the press and what the press has to do but I wanted and was determined to have the time that I needed to actually meet and listen to people," Clinton said. "I had not been involved in domestic politics while I was secretary of state and I just wanted to get my own feel, my own time face-to-face with people."

Clinton said added that now that she is three months into her campaign, she will "obviously" do more interviews.