Hillary Clinton drew groans again for incorporating sports-themed references into a Wednesday campaign speech in Cleveland, Ohio.

"Donald Trump [says], 'We never win anymore,'" she told an audience at John Marshall High School.

"Well," she continued, looking down at her prepared notes, "tell that to the Cavaliers!"

She added, "Tell that to our Olympic athletes, who are cleaning up in Rio!"

Clinton's remarks came as she compared the high school in which she was speaking to the GOP convention last month in Cleveland.

"What a stark contrast this high school poses to what happened here in Cleveland during the Republican convention," she said.

"Because, honestly, they painted such a bleak, negative picture of America, I couldn't recognize our country. Listening to their angry speeches, the kind of negative view that they have [of] our people.

Clinton's Olympics-themed quip shouldn't be a surprise.

"[T]he campaigns will try to integrate important Olympic events into their social media messages, particularly if U.S. athletes win a gold in a given event," Kyle Kopko, who teaches political science at Elizabethtown College, predicted in an interview with the Washington Examiner.

"The candidates will want to congratulate U.S. participants and try to appear presidential when doing so," he said.

Alberta professor and sports historian Stacy Lorenz told the Examiner the same thing.

"If the U.S. team has a successful Olympics, and tops the medal standings — and there is no reason to believe otherwise — then both Clinton and Trump will try to turn that to their advantage, and ride that wave of patriotism," he said.

Clinton's campaign has invested a significant amount of cash into running ads during the Olympics.

"During the three weeks of Olympics coverage, [Clinton's] campaign is spending $8 million on the national NBC network, $1.1 million more on affiliated cable channels Bravo, USA and MSNBC and $4.5 million on local affiliates in key presidential battleground states such as Florida," the Associated Press reported.

The Trump campaign has spent exactly zero dollars on Olympic television advertising, according to a survey released by Deep Root Analytics.