Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton locked down part of Bergdorf Goodman, the luxury goods department store, to get a $600 haircut Friday at the posh John Barrett Salon.

Clinton, accompanied by a huge entourage, slipped into the Fifth Avenue store through a side door Friday, the New York Daily News reported.

The store shut down an elevator bank so the Democrat candidate could ride up alone and enjoy her hair cut in a private area of the salon, a source told the Daily News. "Other customers didn't get a glimpse," said the source.

Salon owner John Barrett normally charges $600 for a hair cut and blow-dry, and hair color costs an additional $600. Whether Clinton paid $600 for the haircut remains unknown, as she did not respond for a request comment.

During his time as president, Hillary Clinton's husband Bill shut down four runways at Los Angeles International Airport in 1994 to receive a hair cut from Beverly Hills' hairstylist Christophe, possibly "the most expensive haircut in history," according to the New York Times. The incident was dubbed "Hairgate."

Hillary isn't the only Democrat presidential candidate to receive a high-priced coiffe, either. In 2007, Democrat candidate John Edwards received two haircuts that cost $400 each from Beverly Hills stylist Joseph Torrenueva, according to NBC News.