The Gray Lady finally caught wind of what Washingtonians have known for awhile: Illinois Rep. Aaron Schock has a six-pack, and the man can dress.

The New York Times put out a 1,200-word profile Thursday entitled "A Congressman's Abs Garner Yeas" and Capitol Hill's gay listservs already are heating up with chatter, we hear. That's because Schock, once again, was asked about his sexuality and, once again, maintained he is straight, this time even mentioning an ex-girlfriend. He even responded to our assessment that he has become a "gay icon," dismissing all the attention he's been getting for his looks from the gay community.

"If they're in my district, I'll take votes wherever I can get them," he told the Times. "Who knew I could get this much attention with my shirt on?"

His office did not respond to a request for comment.