Jim Haslett continued to sell his defense to Albert Haynesworth. They have communicated this offseason, mostly in the form of text messages.
But Haslett said once Haynesworth gets a taste of this defense he’ll change his outlook. Haynesworth, who reported to camp Wednesday, has let it be known that he’s not happy about switching from the 4-3 to a 3-4.
"Players get into a comfort zone," he said. "He's been playing in the same scheme for a long time, but this is something different. It's something new. And I think once he gets into it, once he sees what we're doing, I think he's gonna like it. I think he'll flourish in it. He's an athletic kid, and we can put him into spots where he can use his athleticism. So I think he's gonna be good at it, but obviously he's gotta be willing to do it."


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