A hacker who claims to have infiltrated the Democratic National Committee's server posted documents on Tuesday he says came from the party's digital files.

The hacker, who identified himself as "Guccifer 2.0" after the Romanian hacker who claimed to have breached Hillary Clinton's personal server, published documents that detailed Clinton's weaknesses as a candidate, including a collection of negative press clips about the Clinton Foundation and a list of defenses against attacks on her private email use.

Another document, titled "2016 Democrats Positions Cheat Sheet," listed major policy issues and indicated where Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Martin O'Malley, Jim Webb, Lincoln Chaffee, Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden — all former or possible rivals for the Democratic nomination — stood on each issue.

Many of the new documents contained information about how the Clinton campaign and its allies should respond to criticism of the Clinton Foundation's revenue sources given controversy over the fact that the philanthropic network accepted donations from foreign entities while Clinton served as secretary of state.

One section of a dossier on the Clinton Foundation's "vulnerabilities" is titled "What We Don't Know" and includes questions such as "How Much Of Mrs. Clinton's Travel Was Funded By The Saudis?" and whether Clinton actually donated the bulk of her speaking fees to the foundation, as she has previously claimed.

A memo titled "Attacks on Clinton Family Members" chronicled criticisms of Chelsea Clinton for her inability to answer questions about Clinton Foundation donations and other instances in which Bill Clinton was called a "sexual predator" for his past indiscretions.

Yet another document listed the Clintons' extensive use of private jets funded by corporations and other groups, with potentially problematic trips and their costs highlighted.

The hacker has posted batches of documents purported to have originated on the DNC's server.

The DNC has not yet confirmed or denied the authenticity of the leaked documents.

A cybersecurity breach of the committee's digital infrastructure this month was blamed on the Russian government, although the Kremlin denied any involvement.

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