Support for gun control has dropped to its lowest level in a year, despite this week’s Washington Navy Yard shootings and a string of mass shootings over the past 14 months.

What's more, a new Rasmussen Reports poll finds that nearly half of all Americans--46 percent--believe that the nation would be less safe if only police and the military were allowed to have guns.

The poll is likely to shell shock those in Congress eager to revive gun control efforts in the wake of the Navy Yard shootings that left 13 dead, including the shooter.

Rasmussen found that just 33 percent believe stricter gun control laws would have prevented the Navy Yard shooting. Some 59 percent said more laws wouldn’t have stopped the shooter.

On the broader question of increased gun control, 44 percent said the nation needs stricter gun control laws while 50 percent disagreed. Rasmussen said that is the highest level of opposition in over a year. Earlier polls from February pegged support for more laws at 52 percent.

And few think that Congress will act. Just 37 percent said “it’s at least somewhat likely” Congress will pass new laws, and 58 percent said “it’s not likely to happen,” said Rasmussen.

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