TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — Several groups, primarily labor organizations and those supporting President Barack Obama's economic and health-care stands, plan to demonstrate outside the Republican National Convention in the coming days. They include:

— AFL-CIO. The largest federation of labor unions in the United States, it is planning a massive canvassing effort this fall in all 50 states to turn out voters for Obama. It urges visitors to its website to "spread the word about Romney/Ryan's harmful agenda for working families."

— Service Employees International Union. Represents about 1.8 million service, health-care and government workers in the United States and Canada. The SEIU has teamed up with a pro-Obama super PAC to target Romney in ads and is expected to spend tens of millions to try to help Obama win.

— Planned Parenthood. A nonprofit group that provides birth control, women's and reproductive health services and abortions, it has been a target of some Republican lawmakers who want to cut its government funding. The Obama campaign has seized on Romney's comment that he would eliminate federal funding of the group.

— Occupy Wall Street. A protest movement that began last year and claims corporations have undue influence over the U.S. government, its activities have fizzled somewhat in 2012. The nationwide movement has also issued a call for protesters at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, where an Occupy tent city was disbanded last winter.

Patients Over Politics, Doctors For America. A group of doctors, nurses and patients that supports the president's health care overhaul, which Republicans call "Obamacare" and want to repeal.

Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign. A coalition of community groups and non-profit organizations that says it is pushing for living-wage jobs, education, food, health and housing for all.

Awake Pinellas. A group that opposes cuts in state and local government spending.

Florida Consumer Action Network. A community group that says it sides with consumers over business and supports the health care overhaul.