A pro-legalization group says that University of Maryland student Justin DeSha-Overcash was killed because of the government’s “marijuana prohibition policies.”

DeSha-Overcash, 22, was shot to death Tuesday inside his house in College Park. Authorities found a large amount of marijuana there and have said they believe he was selling weed.

“Police need to start looking at the policies surrounding drugs and evaluating the unintended consequences of prohibition,” explained Stacia Cosner, associate director at Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP). “If marijuana were regulated in a similar way to alcohol, perhaps Justin would still be alive today.”

According to a release, the group is “joining DeSha-Overcash’s friends and family in criticizing Prince George's County Police for placing the blame on the victim, labeling him as a drug dealer simply because marijuana was found at the home.”

 Lauren Mendelsohn, a member of the University of Marland chapter of the group, said “the Prince George's County Police blaming the victim is incredibly concerning.”