Quarterback Rex Grossman is confident in his future. He just hopes that includes staying in Washington.
Like just about every other player who leaves, Grossman -- a free agent come March -- said he wants to stick around. But he also hopes to stick around as a starter. In three games as the starter, Grossman threw seven touchdowns and four interceptions while also losing three fumbles. He also threw for 884 yards, completing just 55.6 percent of his passes.
“I feel like I’m coming into the prime of my career, mentally and physically as a quarterback,” Grossman said. “I can feel myself getting more comfortable and better. The game has slowed down for me where I was in Chicago. A lot of that has to do with Kyle Shanahan and this offense and me maturing….I’m very excited about my progress as a quarterback. I was very confident in Chicago as well. I have high expectations; this offense brings out the best in me.”
Grossman, whose en route to Tampa Bay Monday, said he doesn’t have a gut feeling on his return.
“I haven’t talked to the coaches or my agent [Drew Rosenhaus],” Grossman said. “I’ve been focused on the last three games. I don’t have a feeling one way or the other. I’d love to be back here. I feel like they like me. We’ll see what happens and what other opportunities are there.
“I feel I have another level I can reach and I believe they think too.”
As for his fumbles, Grossman said the one in Dallas falls on him. But the two vs. New York?
“Those are going to happen when you’re in rhythm and looking in the opposite direction,” Grossman said. “When you get blindsided, there’s not much you can do. Those things happen to every quarterback.”