Fox News anchor Greta Van Susteren on Thursday shared her thoughts on what U.S. immigration policy should be and it's very similar to positions expressed by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

"I first posted that post in 2013, just reposted to get more discussion about illegal immigration problem," Van Susteren told the Washington Examiner media desk. "Putting a spotlight on the issue can generate discussion. Maybe my one page plan is a good idea, maybe not, but at least the nation should be talking about it and working towards a good solution."

On her blog, Van Susteren said the U.S. should "seal" the border it shares with Mexico, offer some legal protections to illegal immigrants without making them citizens, and deport foreign visitors who overstay their visas. She also said current illegal immigrants who want citizenship would have to leave the country before they can apply for it.

"If you want to solve a problem, and not win some [political] fight, it means no one will get everything he or she wants but will have to compromise (give up some things) but in the end we achieve a workable solution," Van Susteren wrote. "The solution, to work, must but be simple, not complex. The more complex, the more problems that will arise from it. Complex solutions are not solutions and a recipe for more fights and confusion."

Her ideas closely resemble those espoused in recent weeks by Trump, who is leading the Republican presidential field in some national polls.

Trump has said he would attempt to build a wall on at least part of the southern border, deport illegal immigrants and provide a quicker process for the ones who want to become naturalized citizens.

"I would get them back where they are [from] and try to work out a process where they can come in legally," Trump said this week on Fox News. "But they have to come in legally."

Not everyone in the Fox family, however, sees eye-to-eye with Trump on immigration.

Almost three weeks ago, Rupert Murdoch, whose media empire includes Fox, wrote on Twitter that Trump is "wrong" on immigration.