Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein said during a Tuesday press conference that the "continuing revelations" about the influence Clinton Foundation donors gained while Hillary Clinton served as secretary of state show the Democratic presidential nominee is not fit to be elected.

Stein critiqued the former secretary of state's approval of arms deals with countries like Saudi Arabia that allowed for what Stein described as "incredible war crimes" being committed with U.S. support.

"This is really a national scandal and the fact that money was flowing to the Clinton Foundation as these very regrettable and harmful decisions were being made, I think regardless of the legality, this just raises serious questions about judgement and character that in my view are just not compatible with someone you want to trust with the leading the country."

Stein said she believes it is "not a coincidence that [Hillary Clinton] has the numbers that she has as one of the most untrusted presidential candidates ever."

Stein pointed to the State Department inspector general's report to argue that Clinton intentionally used a private email server to conduct personal business to avoid it being publicly accessible.

"But this is the disturbing thing: Where did her personal family financial business end?" asked Stein. "If someone is on the job and half of their emails are for their private affairs there's something wrong here. Either the private is leaking over into the public or someone is doing their own private business on company time."