Green Party presidential nominee Dr. Jill Stein offered a new reason Wednesday night that Hillary Clinton's use of a private email address indicates she abused her power as secretary of state as evidenced by her poor work ethic while top diplomat.

"Part of the problem with Hillary's abuse of the rules — she was sort of too big to jail," Stein said during a CNN town hall. "And she violated those rules with a sense of impunity and she violated them with a purpose, which she stated herself: she wanted her private information private.

"Now it turns out half of her emails she deleted were private. If someone is working for you and half of their emails on the job are for their private personal foundation it really raises questions," Stein added.

The former clinical physician said she still has "serious questions" about the Democratic nominee's judgment, including how she put her interests on the same level of importance as national interests.

The television town hall was the first of its kind for Green Party this year. Stein said she is running not as a "lesser-evil" candidate, but as someone whose party does not take money from lobbyists, corporations or special interests and solely represents the people.