Greece's prime minister said that the decisive rejection by voters of a European bailout package was a "brave choice," according to a live television address.

Alexis Tsipras got a substantial victory after Greece voted by a 61 percent to 39 percent margin to deny a proposed bailout agreement that came with new austerity measures for the country.

Tsipras had heavily campaigned against the referendum, and was elected in January on a promise of no more austerity measures for the country that is in heavy debt.

The Greek premier gave another clue on the next step for Greece and whether it will exit the Eurozone.

He said that Greece is willing to negotiate with European officials again on a new agreement.

"I understand that voters have not given me a mandate against Europe, but a mandate for a sustainable solution," according to an account on the Guardian newspaper.

He added that he would ask the country's president to summon a meeting of political leaders to discuss the situation, according to Reuters.

The comments come as European leaders are expected to meet on Tuesday to decide on next steps.