In one of his first official acts as mayor, Vince Gray ordered all D.C. department heads to formulate plans on how they will collaborate with the public and promptly provide information.

Gray gave the officials 120 days to respond to City Administrator Allen Lew with their open-government plans for action, the mayor wrote in a memo to department heads on Monday.

"My administration will ensure that information is disclosed, consistent with law and policy, promptly and in a manner or medium that is useful to the public," Gray wrote. "Responsible officials must actively encourage that records exempt from mandatory disclosure be made available as a matter of discretion when disclosure is not prohibited by law or harmful to public interest."

The memo goes beyond pushing for quick responses to information requests.

Gray wants his government to be collaborating with the public at every level. On the campaign trail, Gray routinely promised to work with the public when devising plans for government action. That promise drew a line between Gray and then-Mayor Adrian Fenty, who was repeatedly knocked for acting without concern for public opinion.

But in Gray's administration, department and agency heads "should solicit input from the public on how to increase and improve opportunities for cooperation and collaboration in government."

Sounds like there could be a few more Twitter feeds like the popular @dcra.