Sen. Lindsey Graham fought back against Donald Trump Sunday after a week of trading barbs in the press.

"I would ask the Republican Party to understand why most major companies are firing Mr. Trump, and I don't think we should hire him," the South Carolina Republican said Sunday on ABC's "This Week."

"I'm taking on an idea that I think he's appealing to the dark side of American politics," Graham said. "He is not offering solutions to hard, complicated problems, and he's basically selling fear and prejudice."

Trump, who is also attempting to get the Republican presidential nod, escalated a feud with the senator when he gave out Graham's personal cell phone number during a speech.

Graham responded by shooting a video with IJ Review in which he employed various creative methods of destroying his cell phone.

"Donald Trump has done something my staff could never get me to do, which is get a new phone," Graham joked Sunday.

But he condemned Trump's often caustic campaign style.

"If you say most illegal immigrants are drug dealers and rapists, there are people that want to believe that," Graham said. "There's a market in my party, if you say outrageous things."