Just because the Gorillaz recorded their latest album with the help of the iPad doesn't mean you can. You ask why? It's because frontman Damon Albarn is a musical genius and, well, you probably are not. "The Fall" was recorded while the virtual band toured North America last fall. They used 20 iPad applications to create the 15-track set, which is the group's most simplistic album yet. And that isn't a bad thing.

While most of the songs are titled after places the group visited on tour, other tracks are highlighted by objects that inspire Albarn: There's the gloomy "Little Pink Plastic Bags" and "Revolving Doors," a tune that sounds like Albarn is searching for something -- or searching for himself.

"The Fall," Gorillaz's fourth album, was recorded in just 32 days. It was released for free on Christmas Day to fan-club members and was available as a stream for the rest of the world; a physical disc is planned this year.

'The Fall'
» Artist: Gorillaz
» Label: EMI Records
» Info: thefall.gorillaz.com

While the new record has a nice sound, it's not as top-notch as the band's past CDs, including the genre-bending "Plastic Beach," one of 2010's best albums.

The other downfall is the lack of collaborations on the record, which the cartoon band is widely -- and respectfully -- known for. You won't find songs with great assists from De La Soul, Snoop Dogg or Little Dragon. However, veteran singer-songwriter Bobby Womack is still around, and on "Bobby in Phoenix," he is both magically talented on the guitar and on the mic.

Check out this track: Though tour life is probably tons of fun, there must be times when the road gets lonely, and that's perfectly represented on the amazing "Amarillo."