A senior strategist at the Republican National Committee slammed Hillary Clinton's economic agenda on Tuesday in a memo that was accompanied by a brutal new video suggesting Americans can expect high taxes, scarce jobs and stalled economic growth if she becomes president.

"Clinton shares President Obama's misguided belief the economy is in good shape," wrote RNC spokesman Sean Spicer. "President Obama will leave office as the only president in history to never deliver a year of 3 percent economic growth or more, and with Hillary Clinton praising his failed policies, it's clear she's is out of touch with the struggles of many Americans and unable to grasp the solutions needed to get the economy to peak performance."

The memo comes 24 hours after Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump delivered a major speech about his own plans to slash taxes and regulations to stimulate job creation and an economic recovery. The candidate told Fox News Tuesday morning that a GDP growth rate of 4 percent would be "easily attainable" under his economic policy proposals.

A minute-long RNC ad released alongside Spicer's memo claims the problems with Obamacare, rise of radical Islam and increased threats to U.S. national security that have occurred under the Obama administration would continue with Clinton at the helm of the country.

The video also highlights the former secretary of state's email woes and the mounting questions about possible "pay-to-play" practices at the Clinton Foundation, noting at the end that Americans "can't afford a Clinton presidency."

Watch the full video below: