House Republicans on Wednesday were trying to rewrite a breast cancer research bill to ensure no funding would go to Planned Parenthood, a reaction to a shocking new video that indicated Planned Parenthood has been facilitating the illegal sale of fetal body parts.

On Tuesday, the House was set to pass legislation that would create a breast cancer research commemorative coin. Under the bill, half of the proceeds from the sale of the coin — nearly $5 million — would have gone to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure group in Texas.

But the Komen group is known to help fund Planned Parenthood, and after the abortion video was released, Republicans quickly balked at passing the bill. It was pulled from a planned vote late Tuesday afternoon.

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In the video, a senior director can be seen and heard talking about how the women's health group tries to keep intact the organs of aborted fetuses, and then sell those organs to biomedical companies. That drew immediate anger from Republicans, who said the video seems to show that the group has a monetary incentive to provide abortion services, and is essentially harvesting the unborn for profit.

"To those who haven't seen the video, I encourage you to watch," Rep. Martha Roby, R-Ala., said on the House floor Tuesday. "But be forewarned. The casual, callous way she details how babies can be killed in such a way that their tiny hearts, lungs and livers can be taken and sold for profit is simply horrifying."

On Wednesday, a House leadership aide told the Washington Examiner that the new plan is to rewrite the bill so Komen is no longer a recipient of any funding, and to find another group that focuses only on breast cancer research.

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"We are working to ensure that charitable organizations which receive funding from this legislation are 100 percent focused on diagnosing, treating, and curing breast cancer," the aide said. He added that Republicans are hoping to bring the bill up again as early as this week once it's rewritten.

As news of the video spread on Tuesday, 25 House Republicans moved to take their name off the bipartisan bill, which is sponsored by Rep. Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y. A House aide said that while many Republicans support breast cancer research, they "cannot support" funding a group tied to Planned Parenthood after that video was released.