Rep. Dave Brat, R-Va., suggested Monday that Hillary Clinton's economic agenda would decimate American workers to the point where they'd have to herd goats.

"If you want to herd goats, vote Hillary," Brat in a Facebook post. "If you want less tourism, and less economic growth, vote Hillary."

"If you want to devastate your homeland, vote for globalist elites who think they know better than you what's best for you, and you will get your dream," he added.

Brat's post linked to a recent Washington Post report on the impact of Europe's refugee surge, particularly on residents of a group of islands just off the east coast of Greece. As recently as May, more than 1,000 migrants were reportedly rescued by authorities near the Greek island of Kos in a 48-hour span.

"In the eastern isles of Greece, the hidden face of the European refu­gee crisis is an everyday dude like [Theodore] Kourniaris, who suspects he has been cheated — not only by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who drops barrel bombs on his own people, but also by leaders such as German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who threw open the door to refugees and then slammed it shut," the Post story said.

Kourniaris lost his job as a waiter in Molyvos, Greece, due to the sudden absence of tourists, and was forced to take a job herding goats to keep afloat. The seasonal job pays $25 per day.

Brat has previously called for additional screening of Syrian refugees entering the United States. He co-sponsored a bill in 2015 that sought to place a temporary moratorium on admitting refugees until the Government Accountability Office had determined how many refugees already living in the country were enrolled in federal benefit programs.