Social conservative activists, working behind the scenes to keep a statement heralding traditional marriage in the Republican National Committee's platform, expect to lose a fight over gay adoption which presidential candidate Mitt Romney has cooly endorsed.

While the focus of activists is on the marriage language, some see Romney's adoption endorsement and the involvement in platform writing of a prominent gay group as an opening for a move to woo gays, a key Democratic donor and support group. Same sex adoption doesn't appear to be as controversial as gay marriage, according to several activists.

Just days before the platform work begins in Tampa, Florida, conservatives and family groups tell Secrets that they are worried the platform writers might omit traditional marriage language out of concerns it will be used against them by President Obama and the Democrats, who are expected to endorse gay marriage in their platform.

The Family Research Council dispatched a note to supporters Tuesday raising questions about the GOP's plans on marriage language and pledged to attend the platform meetings to keep the GOP plan "pro-life and pro-family."

A key conservative leader told Secrets that social conservatives behind the scenes have been complaining about Romney's endorsement of gay adoption on a state-by-state basis. And Rep. Paul Ryan's endorsement of the pro-gay Employment Non-Discrimination Act has raised new concerns about the GOP presidential ticket. Plus the involvement of the gay GOP group, Log Cabin Republicans, with platform writing has raised red flags in the conservative movement.

Connie Mackey, of the Family Research Council's FRC Action arm, said Log Cabin's involvement is worrisome. "Our concern arises when we learn that the gay group, Log Cabin Republicans, are intending to be at the platform hearings," she said. "We, therefore, will do , what we have done over the years, and monitor the proceedings on marriage as well as on religious liberty, life and other issues that we believe are important to the Republican Party and the candidates who will face Democrats in November."

But, she added, activists expect that the RNC, under pressure from Log Cabin Republicans, will endorse same sex adoption.