Rep. Mimi Walters, R-Calif., touted the Republican Party's 67 ideas for improving U.S. national security, part of the GOP's Better Play initiative, which congressional leaders rolled out earlier this year.

Walters' recommendation for improving cybersecurity and border security, while also thwarting terrorist groups like the Islamic State, is a response to the Obama administration's eight years of policies she said have undermined Americans' safety, she told listeners in the party's weekly address.

"The first job of the federal government is to keep our country safe. And if we've learned anything over the past eight years, it's that the president's foreign policy is not doing the job," Walters said.

The congresswoman pointed to the shrinking red line in Syria, the problematic reset with Russia, leading from behind in Libya, a nuclear deal with Iran and insufficient fight against the Islamic State as examples of America's unsuccessful foreign policy. Walters insisted House Republicans are ready to take action in light of the administration's failures.

"It's not enough to sit on the sidelines. It's not enough to criticize. We have to propose an alternative. And we have. We're calling it A Better Way. We are showing the American people what we will do in 2017 and beyond if given the opportunity," said Walters, who gave the weekly address from a small business in her district that makes security systems for public buildings.

The GOP's four objectives for making America stronger are keeping Americans safe at home, defeating terrorists, advancing America's interests abroad and renewing the country's national security tools.

Walters said the party's plan would improve relationships with allies, ensure military and law enforcement have the tools necessary to complete their missions and give veterans the care they have earned.

"President Reagan famously called for "peace through strength." That is still the case today. America will be safe only when we are strong. And I believe our plan will accomplish just that," Walters finished.