A man who routinely promoted a local go-go group was fatally shot early Wednesday morning in Prince George's County, police said.

About 2 a.m., police went to the 6100 block of Surrey Square Lane in Forestville and found 23-year-old Deandre Yates inside his apartment. He was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead, police said.

A preliminary investigation found that a man forced his way into the residence. There was a struggle between him and the victim, during which there was an exchange of gunfire, police spokesman Cpl. Larry Johnson said.

The shooter then fled, Johnson said. No description of him was available.

Yates was described as a promoter of TCB, or Total Control Band. Assistant Chief Kevin Davis said police do not know whether his death was connected to the band.

TCB and other groups have attracted violence-prone followings, Davis said. Bands will call out names of neighborhoods and groups during performances, pitting gangs and crews against each other.

Police have also communicated their concerns about TCB to nightclub owners, though Davis said that the department does not have the legal authority to tell clubs not to book TCB.

"TCB has been jeopardizing neighborhoods and communities in Prince George's County and D.C. for far too long," he said.

In January 2011, a man was killed outside of Plaza 23 nightclub in Temple Hills, after a TCB concert ended. But Plaza 23 co-owner Dan Richardson said he doesn't think that TCB had anything to do with the crime.

"Bands don't kill anyone," he said. "What happens between two individuals and a band ... I don't associate the two."

Richardson also described TCB as "a very good band."

There have been 41 homicides in the county so far this year, compared to 70 at this time last year. Since police have shut down several nightclubs where TCB and other groups performed, "homicides have dropped dramatically," Davis said.

One such nightclub, CFE Event Center in Forestville, was shut down in September 2011. TCB's manager said that the band now plays in the District, but the group used to play at CFE every Saturday.

Davis said CFE's owner, Kevin Darby, shot himself and was found dead a few days ago, but there is no relationship between his suicide and Wednesday's homicide.