Former New York City Major Rudy Giuliani says he is performing a "public service" by calling attention to Hillary Clinton's "inadequate health disclosures."

In an op-ed for USA TODAY, Giuliani, an adviser to GOP nominee Donald Trump, said Clinton has not held a press conference in 270 days and that press has "allowed her to get away with it."

In recent weeks Giuliani has gone on record saying Clinton looks "tired" and "sick," falling in line with recent attacks from the Trump campaign questioning whether the former secretary of state is fit to lead a country. He also encouraged people to search online for videos that support unconfirmed theories that suggest that some sort of illness is ailing Clinton.

Though Giuliani claims he isn't yet convinced that Clinton is ill, he did want to start a conversation and hopes there will be more information available on the candidate's health.

"I did not come to a conclusion on this matter; I simply asked people to draw their own conclusions," Giuliani said.

"I hope Secretary Clinton is perfectly healthy, and I feel that I have performed a public service if I can motivate the press to fulfill its responsibility to get the public the information it deserves — and the same standard should be applied to all candidates," he concluded.

Clinton, 68, released a letter from her doctor in July that said she is in "excellent physical condition." But over the weekend Trump, 70, challenged Clinton to release "detailed medical records," adding that he has no problem doing the same, even though the four-paragraph doctor's note from his physician last year was full of questionable language and apparently written in five minutes.

Both candidates have been criticized for not releasing the same amount of medical information as candidates in past presidential elections.