The Justice Department's new report asserting that problems exist in the Baltimore Police Department is further evidence of "disgraceful" politicization under President Obama and is on the same level as its decision not to indict Hillary Clinton for mishandling classified information, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani said Wednesday.

"This isn't a Justice Department anymore. This is a political arm of the Obama administration. After the decision in the Clinton case, after which anybody else would have been indicted … the inappropriate meeting between President Clinton and the attorney general, and now you've got the Justice Department with a finding against the police department," said Giuliani, a former U.S. attorney, in an interview on Fox News.

The Justice Department said in a new report that it had "serious concerns" about racial and gender bias by Baltimore police. The department opened an investigation after the April 2015 death of Freddie Gray, who died from neck injuries sustained in the back of a police van following his arrest.

"We've had verdicts by, in this case, an African-American judge, that two of these police officers were innocent," Giuliani said. "Everybody else has been let off or found not guilty, and they bring these charges. This is a political operation. I feel hurt by that, because I devoted 15 years of my life to the Department of Justice."

"From the very bottom, U.S. assistant attorney, almost to the top, the third-ranking official under Ronald Reagan," Giuliani added. "I love the Department of Justice. I love what it stands for."

However, Giuliani said he considers the department under the Obama administration to be a political operation. He emphasized that its treatment of Clinton was evidence of his contention, and that the department was allowing Clinton to escape charges under anti-corruption RICO statutes.

"It is disgraceful what the Justice Department has become," Giuliani said. "We've got a State Department that Hillary Clinton turned into sort of a funneling operation for the Clinton Foundation. I think the two of them together would make a RICO case, a racketeering case, like the cases I used to bring against the Mafia."

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Emails recently obtained and released by the watchdog group Judicial Watch revealed that top officials at the Clinton Foundation lobbied officials at the State Department during Clinton's tenure as secretary of state to come up with jobs for foundation donors, a potential violation of corruption laws.

"The emails prove that the foundation was getting its money by granting access to the State Department," Giuliani said. "That's the way it was raising its money. Not a few bucks, hundreds of thousands, millions, in some cases even more than that ... the Clinton Foundation was a slush fund for the Clinton political machine. It was where to place the Clinton politicos while they were getting ready to run for president."

Giuliani added that he believed the problem would get worse if Clinton won the presidency. "I guess she'll … have a Justice Department just like Obama's, except I think it will be worse, because I think Obama is a more honest person than Hillary Clinton."