Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani borrowed Donald Trump's latest line of attack against his Democratic opponent on Sunday, suggesting Hillary Clinton may have "short-circuited" in a number of situations.

"I mean, first of all, she lied. She didn't short-circuit. She lied last week when she said the FBI found that she hadn't lied," Giuliani told ABC's Martha Raddatz.

The New York Republican and staunch Trump supporter was referring to Clinton's repeated claim that FBI director James Comey said her answers throughout the agency's investigation into her private email practices were "truthful." Numerous fact-checkers have dismissed the former secretary of state's claim as false.

"You read Comey's report, he found she lied in about eight different places. So maybe short-circuit is her euphemism for lying," Giuliani said.

He continued, "Did she short-circuit when she didn't protect the Benghazi compound when she got 20 requests for more help? Did she short-circuit during the Benghazi situation when, if we had gotten people there, we might have been able to save Sean Smith and the other CIA gentleman's life?"

"Did she short-circuit when she advocated for the overthrow of Gadhafi and Libya is now an Islamic State stranglehold? Did she short-circuit when she said she's going to raise taxes on the middle class?" Giuliani asked Raddatz.

Trump, seeking to focus attention away from recent controversies that have roiled his campaign, tore into Clinton during a campaign stop this weekend New Hampshire, referring to Clinton's defense of her email practices.

"Honestly, I don't think she's all there," he added.